Published: 2019-03-14

New Worlds for Communication

Abstract 508

Pages 7-17


Destination image in virtual social networks

Fabrícia Durieux Zucco, Christian Falaster, Sara Joana Gadotti dos Anjos, Camila Belli Kraus
Abstract 860

Pages 27-43


Political brain in electoral processes: the emotions of the vote in the 2018 Presidential Campaign in Mexico

Angélica Mendieta Ramírez
Abstract 911

Pages 45-69


The construction of a composite and dynamic satirical ethos in the presidency of Ãlvaro Uribe Vélez (2002-2010), in Matador’s Cartoons

Diana Rocío Gomez, Ana Mercedes Pedrazzini
Abstract 627

Pages 71-98


Media and the 2014 presidential election: a relationship aided by the political situation

Nathaly Montero Urrutia
Abstract 617

Pages 99-114


Twitter formation of like-minded and dissimilar political communities during the 2015 mayoral campaign in Manizales

Luis Miguel López Londoño
Abstract 589

Pages 115-134


Latin American perspectives on the role of professionals in organizational communication and public relations

Mónica Arzuaga Williams
Abstract 1734

Pages 135-154


Wardrobe or agency? Gender representation in 5 action videogames of the seventh generation

Antonio Corona
Abstract 928

Pages 155-175


Trends in online radio as a way of supporting the construction of strategies tailored for the medium

Jenny Marcela Cardona Bedoya, Yadira Carolina Vaca González
Abstract 875

Pages 177-201


Fashion Films as a Particular Content of Fashion Marketing: An Analysis of its Nature in the Context of Hybrid Messages

Leslie Kam, Kelly Robledo-Dioses, Tomás Atarama-Rojas
Abstract 1334

Pages 203-224


Social representations on board the car in Medellín, Colombia

Felipe Vallejo Uribe, Zulima Azeneth López Torres
Abstract 699

Pages 225-237


Organizational listening: a conceptual proposal

Cecilia Claro M.
Abstract 1009

Pages 239-253


Olfactory associations around space perception and the service received by members of a fund of employees in Manizales

Felipe Antonio Gallego López, Salomón Mejía Gallo
Abstract 818

Pages 255-269