Published: 2022-06-10

Perception on Press and Social Networks regarding the 2018 Feminist Movement. The Students of University of Concepción, Chile, Case

Oscar Fernando Basulto Gallegos, Sebastián Fuentealba González, Rodrigo Ganter Solís
Abstract 374

Pages 1-28


20 Minutes, a Reference for Free Press in Spain and its Contribution to Online Journalism: From News Organizer to Dialogue Genres

Jose-Luis Argiñano, Udane Goikoetxea-Bilbao
Abstract 326

Pages 29-46


Guidelines for the use of hypermediality, multimedia and interactivity in the community digital journalistic exercise for social networks (Facebook). Analysis case of the Colombian Community Reporters Network (RRC)

Paola Consuelo Ladino Marín, Rodolfo Prada Penagos, Oscar Eduardo Adán Diaz
Abstract 789

Pages 47-74


Collective Identity Based on Urban Art in Medellín, Colombia

Blas Navarro Meza, Laura Hurtado Gómez
Abstract 436

Pages 75-96


Post-Conflict Urban Imaginaries: Journalistic Analysis of the Semana Magazine During the Post-Agreement in Andean Municipalities of the Quindío Department, Colombia

Pedro Felipe Díaz Arenas, Damaris Ramírez Bernate, Arlex Drawin Cuellar Rodríguez, Juan Camilo Pascuas Cutiva
Abstract 232

Pages 97-118


Digital Sports Newspapers in Colombia. New Trends in Journalism

Retos y tendencias de la profesión

William Ricardo Zambrano Ayala
Abstract 355

Pages 119-145


Theoretical Tendencies and Challenges in the Corporate Social Responsibility Communication

David Díez, Juliana Díaz-Ospina, Sebastian Robledo, María del Pilar Rodríguez-Córdoba
Abstract 532

Pages 146-176


The obituary: The inseparability of individual and social history in the genres of finitude

Kathya R. Jemio Arnez, José Herrera Ospina, Alejandro Mesa
Abstract 210

Pages 177-199


From Parochialism to Cosmopolitanism in the American Audiovisual Supply? Netflix’s New Releases of Television Fiction in the United States and their Geographical Diversity

Jose Carlos Lozano
Abstract 266

Pages 200-223


Los hábitos analógicos del periodismo en plena Revolución Digital

José Antonio Abreu Colombri
Abstract 163

Pages 224-226