Published: 2020-12-18

The Role of the eWOM in the RSC Communication in Social networks

Claudia Aguirre, Salvador Ruiz, Mariola Palazón, Augusto Rodríguez
Abstract 979

Pages 11-33


Educational Foundations for the Creation and Production of Open Access Educational Resources (REA)

Alexandra Gómez Marín, Edilberto Restrepo Restrepo, Ricardo Andres Becerra Agudelo
Abstract 746

Pages 35-68


Social Networks and its Relation with the Function of the Political Communicator

Fredy Eduardo Vásquez-Rizo, Melissa Murgueitio-Echeverri, María Alejandra Jiménez-Trochez
Abstract 932

Pages 69-86


Interactive Work Analysis Strategy: the Alternative Laboratory as a Tool

José Antonio Dorado Zúñiga, Javier Mauricio Reyes Vera, Ana García López
Abstract 340

Pages 87-108


Capitalism and Technological Archaeology: Analysis on the Use of Digital Devices

Valeria Yarad Jeada
Abstract 462

Pages 109-128


Disinformation in Contexts of Social Polarization: Colombia’s National Strike (November 21st, 2019)

Arguments and collateral damages of the disinformation in social actors, politicians and institutions

Carlos Rodríguez Pérez, Laura Sofía Ortiz Calderón, Juan Pablo Esquivel Coronado
Abstract 1628

Pages 129-156


Towards the Understanding of Engagement in Young Mexican University Students with Instagram Tv

Ligia García-Béjar
Abstract 605

Pages 157-178


Digital Media and Functionalism: Reflections from the Joker Premiere

Erick Daniel Cruz-Mendoza
Abstract 781

Pages 179-194


Transformations and Trends of Sports Radio in Digital Convergence

William Ricardo Zambrano
Abstract 460

Pages 195-220


Interaction and Media Convergence: Storytelling in Apple Commercial

Eliane Meire Soares Raslan, Gabriel Guilherme Ferreira
Abstract 363

Pages 225-253


Usuarios en un laberinto: la colonización de datos y sus consecuencias sociales

Reseña del libro The costs of connection. How data is colinizing human life and appropiating it for capitalism (Couldry y Mejías, 2019).

Brenda M. Focás
Abstract 183

Pages 221-224


El papel del cine colombiano en la escena latinoamericana

Carlos Arango
Abstract 130

Pages 254-256