Published: 2018-12-31


Abstract 401

Pages 17-22


Seeking stakeholders: responsibility and effectiveness as values in letters from CEOS in the CSR reports in Chile

Pablo Matus
Abstract 493

Pages 29-49


Political propaganda in Mexico and the United States: discordant theoretical - methodological approaches

Lucia Alejandra Sánchez-Nuevo, Gustavo Meixueiro Nájera, Nayelli Contreras-Mendoza
Abstract 725

Pages 51-71


Advertising Communication: Constructing Meaning Potential through Disjunctive Grammar

Taofeek Olaiwola Dalamu
Abstract 567

Pages 73-104


Transmedia journalism and media consumption of the millennial generation

Kelly Robledo-Dioses, Tomás Atarama-Rojas
Abstract 1622

Pages 105-127


Definition, duties and role of the viewer in the face of creative work

José de Jesús Flores Figueroa
Abstract 659

Pages 129-151


Violence, censorship and media in Colombia: effects of the “Bogotazo†and the collapse in radio broadcasts

Roger Pita Pico
Abstract 1941

Pages 153-173


The socioimaginary construction of social protest in the discourse of the latin american press: analysis of the editorials of El Mercurio (Chile) and la nación (Argentina) newspapers in the context of the argentine crisis of 2001

Alberto Javier Mayorga Rojel, Luis Alejandro Nitrihual Valdebenito
Abstract 562

Pages 175-194


The corporate mascots of video games of the 90s: a symbol of millennials

Pedro Vázquez-Miraz
Abstract 505

Pages 195-213


Organizational happiness: mediation between employee valuation and productivity. A look at its management in the state sector

Ana Lorena Malluk
Abstract 1788

Pages 215-250


Approach to the state of the art on communication and education in Colombia

Elssy Yamile Moreno Pérez
Abstract 458

Pages 251-274


Implementation of audiovisual resources as an educational validation strategy

Julián Darío Forero Sandoval, Estela Mireya Díaz Buitrago
Abstract 512

Pages 275-291


La estética televisiva en las series contemporáneas

Ruth Gutiérrez Delgado
Abstract 271

Pages 293-297