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Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación, is an editorial endeavour that aims towards publishing new knowledge in the communication field. Anagramas Rumbos y Sentidos de la Comunicación Comunicación understands communication as a compression tool through the scientific research of the different phenomena that compounds the becoming of our societies while expanding and intertwining with cultural dynamics.

The journal has existed since 2002. Nowadays, it publishes both a print and an online version that allows its access from anywhere around the world. The two versions published every year give a deep look into a wide array of topics of interest for communication researchers.

In that same line, the journal has a compromise for broadcasting in different scenarios its collaborations, publishing in an open format all of its texts and sharing with its authors and reviewers both the printed and online versions; the journal also has ethical commitments aligned with the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers, is widely visible in different databases and counts with orcid and DOI standardization in search engines.

Current Issue

Vol. 22 No. 43 (2023): July - December

Vol. 22 No. 43 (2023): July - December

Published: 2023-07-11


Study on the existence of a Second State in the demarcations near the metro and avenida Río de los Remedios

Fabiola Olvera Aldana

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a20
Abstract views: 156
Online: Aug 2, 2022

Pages: 1-22

The study of discourse in the professional training of the Social Communicator in Cuba: proposal of knowledge nuclei

Yamila Vázquez Bonne, Hilda María Saladrigas Medina, Lourdes María Nápoles Fernández

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a21
Abstract views: 116
Online: Sep 1, 2022

Pages: 1-18

Social research: between scientific activity and family life

María Guadalupe Venteño-Jaramillo

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a22
Abstract views: 100
Online: Aug 25, 2022

Pages: 1-17

Technological tools for the communication of emotions generated by indigenous crafts

Olivia Allende-Hernández, Israel Morales-Becerra, Celia Reyes-Espinoza

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a23
Abstract views: 141
Online: Aug 26, 2022

Pages: 1-17

Persuasion versus Voting Intention in the extraordinary election for governor of Puebla, Mexico in June 2019

Araceli Espinosa-Márquez, Carla Irene Rios Calleja, Jesús Mario León de la Rosa

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a24
Abstract views: 87
Online: Aug 26, 2022

Pages: 1-17

Woman, daily life and Saturday of Gloria in Jerez, Zacatecas

Olga Guadalupe Vera Díaz, Lina Rocio Martínez Aguilar, Blanca Gabriela Pulido Cervantes

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a26
Abstract views: 64
Online: Aug 26, 2022

Pages: 1-22

Political communication, social networks and polarization in Twitter. Case study: “El Culiacanazoâ€, 2019 in Mexico

José Luis Estrada Rodríguez, Georgina Martínez de la Rosa

DOI: 10.22395/10.22395/angr.v22n43a25
Abstract views: 192
Online: Oct 9, 2022

Pages: 1-20

Media narratives about the migrant camp El Chaparral in Tijuana, México

Juan Antonio Del Monte Madrigal

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a19
Abstract views: 68
Online: Jun 24, 2022

Pages: 1-22

Linkage and Consumption of Fandom with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Phases 3 and 4)

Claudia Vélez Ochoa, Catalina Valencia Franco

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v22n43a27
Abstract views: 110
Online: Jun 3, 2022

Pages: 1-22

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