Vol. 19 No. 37 (2020): Julio-Diciembre

Published: 2020-09-30


Challenges for Science

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a1
Abstract views: 258
Online: Sep 30, 2020

Revitalizing Cultural Characteristics in Advertising in Nigeria Within a Sketch of Systemic Paradigm

Taofeek Olaiwola Dalamu, Gbenga Ogunlusi

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a2
Abstract views: 440
Online: Mar 11, 2020

Pages: 13-48

MIL Competency Framework: Mapping Media and Information Competencies

Tomás Durán Becerra, Dr., Jesus Lau, Dr.

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a3
Abstract views: 584
Online: Apr 1, 2019

Pages: 49-67

Dispositions of the Informative digital Consumption in Journalism Students

Nairbis Desiree Sibrian Díaz, Paulina Loreto Maureira González, Vicente Bustos

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a4
Abstract views: 488
Online: Feb 13, 2020

Pages: 69-86

Researching Gender Identity: Collective Representations, Communication and Language

Alejandro Gil Alzate, Fernando Andres Castro Torres, Verónica Posada Álvarez

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a5
Abstract views: 871
Online: Jun 4, 2019

Pages: 87-109

Post-truth: Collective Identities that Degenerate Democracies

Frank Brady Morales Romero, Renato Rafael Martínez Martínez

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a6
Abstract views: 1007
Online: Oct 4, 2019

Pages: 111-126

Zamba and the Industrial Revolution. Kirchnerist Propaganda for Explaining Economy to Argentinian Kids

Pedro Vázquez-Miraz

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a7
Abstract views: 397
Online: Dec 2, 2019

Pages: 127-146

The Time of Big Data in Public Relations and Its Professional Practice in Peru

Luz María Flores Cabello

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a8
Abstract views: 902
Online: Dec 3, 2019

Pages: 147-165

Audiovisual, Educommunicational and Recreational Strategies for Social Transformation and Creation of Communitary Bonds

Obras expresivas audiovisuales comunitarias

Victoria E. Valencia-Calero, Juan Camilo Hernández Ortiz

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a9
Abstract views: 574
Online: Sep 3, 2019

Pages: 167-189

Constructive Processes for Peace Contents. A Look to Radio Stations of Bello (Colombia)

Alma Leonora García Gómez, Jose Julian Herrera Pulgarin, Sergio Alonso Arenas Ceballos

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a10
Abstract views: 391
Online: Dec 11, 2019

Pages: 191-211

Building Citizenship from Communication. A Look from Two Young Collectives in Bogota

Delsar Roberto Gayón Tavera, Sandra Ximena Gallego Galvis, José Aladier Salinas Herrera

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a11
Abstract views: 685
Online: Nov 12, 2019

Pages: 213-229

Abelian Family: a Metaphor About the Relationship Between an Argentinian Artist and Its Public

Daniela Soledad Gonzalez

DOI: 10.22395/angr.v19n37a12
Abstract views: 266
Online: Oct 8, 2019

Pages: 231-248