Published: 2018-06-10


Abstract 244

Pages 19-23


The media device: from the Foucauldian concept to the application in communication studies

Marco Túlio de Sousa, Carlos Alberto de Carvalho
Abstract 456

Pages 31-46


Young people, Participation, and Communication. Analysis of Current Communication Practices and Policies of Higher Education Students in Chile and Ecuador

Marcela Porto Fuentes, Natalia Angulo Moncayo, Carolina Rodríguez Malebrán
Abstract 786

Pages 47-69


Mistrust in the Neighbor: An Obstacle for the Communication Plans for Social Cohesion in Rural Sectors of Colombia

María Cristina Ocampo-Villegas, Miguel Alberto Soto-Ordoñez
Abstract 582

Pages 71-83


The Hermeneutic Perspective and the Sense of Communication in the Context of Socioculture

José Alfredo Villarreal Valera, Yovanis Rosales Almarales, Alex Rodrigo Rivera Ríos
Abstract 548

Pages 85-93


Stakeholders: Strategic Actors in Brand Building

Jaime Alberto Orozco Toro, Jaime Eduardo Alzate Sanz
Abstract 1067

Pages 95-109


The Influence of WhatsApp on Analog Radio Stations

Camilo Giraldo Giraldo, Fabio Andrés Cardona Cifuentes
Abstract 545

Pages 111-127


Intercultural Communication Strategies for the Implementation of the Law of Victims with Indigenous Communities: The Case of the Emberá Katío Choromandó Community in Dabeiba (Antioquia)

Lina Marcela Betancur Prisco, Mariana Vásquez Restrepo, Víctor Hugo Betancur Rodríguez, Jose Julian Herrera Pulgarin
Abstract 439

Pages 129-146


Citation Resources of Higher Education Students: A Contrast Between Academic Papers and Facebook Posts

Lirian Astrid Ciro
Abstract 518

Pages 147-165


Metodología para la realización y abordaje en cine documental

César Cardona Cano
Abstract 680

Pages 167-168


Ãndice de evaluadores - Vol 16 Núm 32

Abstract 161

Pages 29-30