Published: 2021-07-12

Study on the Social Advertising of WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) Peru on Facebook and the Environmental Culture of Young People in Lima-Peru

Eliana Alejandra Quijandría
Abstract 533

Pages 7-31


The Influence of Cinema in the Formation of Brazil’s Image Abroad

André Riani Costa Perinotto, Ana Carolina Vergal, Maria Henriqueta S. G. Gimenes Minasse, Bruno de Oliveira da Silva
Abstract 457

Pages 33-55


Calderón Productions and the Continuity of Mexican Industrial Cinema (1960-1980)

Silvana Flores
Abstract 282

Pages 57-82


Analysis of the Informational Treatment of Immigration in the Chilean Press

Felipe Nesbet Montecinos, Luis Cárcamo Ulloa, Kristin Becker
Abstract 451

Pages 83-105


Political Language on Twitter during the Runoff Voting in the 2018 Presidential Election

Sandra Ximena Gallego Galvis, Delsar Roberto Gayón Tavera, Juan Felipe Alzate Pongutá
Abstract 538

Pages 107-127


Corruption as a social problem in Argentine TV: interaction between media and audiences

Esteban Zuninno, Brenda Focás
Abstract 477

Pages 129-155


The Social Appropriation of Mobile Technologies: an Opportunity for the Construction of Citizenship

Beatriz Elena Marín Ochoa, Luis Javier Cruz Lanchero
Abstract 793

Pages 157-180


Facebook as a Communication Media in Farmers’ Organizations in Catatumbo

J. F. Barbosa Trigos, E. F. Ríos Pacheco
Abstract 300

Pages 181-196


Media Ownership Types. A State of the Art

José Raúl Gallego Ramos
Abstract 2858

Pages 197-221


Black Media and Inequality in the Media Structure: Notes on Brazil and USA

Ivonete Da Silva Lopes
Abstract 322

Pages 223-242


Ese futuro audiovisual en el que ya estamos

Miguel Ángel Huerta Floriano
Abstract 121

Pages 247-250