Published: 2019-10-01

The Urban Imagery as a Starting Point for Citizenship

Abstract 308

Pages 7-9


Videoactivism and Construction of Mediatic Identities, Youtube and #YoSoy132

Salomé Sola-Morales
Abstract 503

Pages 19-38


The Relationship Between Independent creatives of Public Television and Child Audience

Carlos Gutiérrez-González
Abstract 1096

Pages 39-55


Mass Media and Environment in Mexico

Francisco Javier Martínez Garza
Abstract 834

Pages 57-73


Electoral strategies against security. Comments on campaign positioning. Buenos Aires (2007)

Mercedes Calzado, Juan Pedro Gallardo
Abstract 381

Pages 75-93


Fragments of Local Identity in Fiction Films Shot in the Region of Bío-Bío, Chile

Fernando Fuente-Alba Cariola, Oscar Basulto Gallegos, Shirley Moraga Díaz
Abstract 650

Pages 95-117


Lighting in High Definition from the seventh season of the Televisión Española soap opera Amar en tiempos revueltos

Gaspar Cerdá Juan
Abstract 496

Pages 119-142


Collaborative Experience Between Social Communication and Informatics Engineering in the Educational Videos Production

Carlos Andrés Tavera Romero, Yenny Viviana Cruz Perez, Paola Andrea Ramírez Arcila
Abstract 534

Pages 143-157


The Mediating function of College Radio Programming in the City of Monterrey, Nuevo León

Carlos Villanueva Valadez
Abstract 345

Pages 159-175


Humanity’s expensive banalities. Virtual Reality mediated Advertisement exploration for raising environmental awareness: augmented advertisement

Víctor Hugo Puentes Castañeda, Ricardo Andrés Bohórquez
Abstract 627

Pages 177-214


Digital leisure and well-being

Uncertainty in middle class households

Viviam Unás Camelo
Abstract 731

Pages 215-235


Exploring the Origin of Fake News. A Case Study on Persuasion, Distortion and Emotion in the News

César Augusto Tapias Hernández
Abstract 1419

Pages 237-259